Clayton and Cole are working out naked in the gym together. Clayton has been pumping weights in the gym non-stop, but Cole is just getting back into a regular routine. Clayton is the blond with the ripped body. He’s mostly smooth except for the hairy treasure trail crawling up towards his belly button. Cole’s in pretty good shape, too, and he’s hairy. And while Cole can’t keep his eyes off Clayton’s tight and chiseled body, Clayton is having a little trouble concentrating on his workout with Cole’s thick cock flopping around.

These two studs give each other massages which leads to some mutual cock sucking. Cole is on top of Clayton with his furry butt and legs straddling his buddy and his stiffening fat cock pushing against Clayton’s bubble butt. Then Clayton mounts Cole and they suck each other’s dick is a 69er. You don’t want to miss this one.

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