Peter is a cute guy, he’s also blessed with a beautifully long dong. Even Sean Cody who has filmed hundreds of guys said that he was “shocked at how hung Peter was.” And when Sean Cody commented Peter joked, “Sometimes when all the blood rushes to my dick, I feel really light headed.” Peter’s big dick is heavy hanging just swinging their between his strong, muscular legs. And Jesus Christ, when this ripped guy gets his long dong hard and starts stroking it, he can get both hands around it and there’s still lots of dick left over. Sorry, I couldn’t get any pictures of that, but there are some over on Sean Cody, so you’ll want to check those out. Sean Cody asked him if he’d ever have sex with a guy and Peter said, “I’m down for whatever,” he answered quickly. “I can’t regret anything I haven’t tried!” So I imagine Sean Cody is setting something up and we’ll have that to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Watch this Ripped Guy Stroking his Long Dong

Watch Peter’s Two-Handed Jack Off Video at Sean Cody